Ready to learn Pilates?

Pilates is one of the fastest-growing trends in fitness, but before you jump into Pilates exercises, let’s take a moment to gain a little insight into what Pilates is (and isn’t), and what makes it unique.

Lauren and Erica, who started Change30 Movement are Pilates people, and they like the authentic classical Pilates work. They are both classically trained in the original method out of New York, where Pilates originated, and make no apology for keeping the integrity of the work the way it was intended. 

Classical Pilates stands apart from other forms because there is a sequence to the work, which was designed to move the body through a full range of movement. The sequence builds intelligently with foundational exercises at the beginning and more complex exercises as you gain strength and control. The transitions between exercises are exercises themselves and it’s important to keep the work one seamless, continuous flow. The work is fluid, efficient, dynamic, and controlled. And yes, you do sweat!

Lauren and Erica will teach you the tools to facilitate movement from the correct muscles and work on balancing muscle strength. Begin with the foundation series and work your way up through the workouts. Use the exercise tutorials in our pro-tip section to work on getting deeper connections to enhance your form and results.

*If you are pregnant, check out our “mama-to-be” series for Pilates & Yoga.

Building Strength

Specific Focus